Introducing Youth

To Law Enforcement

Sheriff Chapman and LCSO staff create a pilot program to help introduce students to law enforcement.

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Supporting Loudoun's

Local Veterans

Sheriff Chapman with Corporal Green.

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Listening To

Loudoun Residents

Sheriff Chapman in Brambleton.

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Speaking With

Leaders About Family Safety In Loudoun

Sheriff Chapman and Congressman Frank Wolf.

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Coffee With

Sheriff Chapman

Sheriff Chapman often meets with residents around Loudoun.

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Planning For Our

Safety As Loudoun Grows

Sheriff Chapman hard at work planning for the next 10 years and beyond.

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STEP Up Plan

In action & successful!
123+ 123+ Initiatives and goals planned, enacted and met in the past 3 years! Sheriff Chapman’s positive changes have improved enforcement, professionalism and outreach.

Over Past 3yrs

Crime has been lowered by
18%Through efficiencies, change management and effective
enforcement, crime rates continue to drop: 3.7% (2012), 4.8% (2013), 9.5% (2014). STEP Up works!

Fiscal Oversight

For overall cost savings of
$4MOver the past three fiscal years, the balance (net) return to County coffers was $4,511,284 fulfilling Sheriff Chapman’s promise of fiscal responsibility.

Notable Endorsements

Sheriff Mike Chapman Loudoun CountyI am extremely appreciative of the many endorsements I continue to receive.
- Sheriff Mike Chapman

Barbara Comstock Endorses Sheriff Mike Chapman"Mike Chapman's effective leadership has brought law enforcement in Loudoun County into the 21st Century. He is a Sheriff with honesty, integrity and experience who truly understands the needs of his community. I fully support Mike for a second term as Loudoun County's Sheriff!"
Congresswoman Barbara Comstock
Col. Oliver North Endorses Sheriff Mike Chapman"Mike Chapman understands service, sacrifice, and the importance of being part of something bigger than yourself. His proactive leadership as Sheriff has made Loudoun County a safer place. I fully support him for another term."
Lt. Col. Oliver North, Decorated US Marine, Author,
Founder, Freedom Alliance

Michael Farris Endorses Sheriff Mike Chapman"Our sheriff must respect three things: the law of Virginia, all the people in Loudoun County, and the Constitution of the United States. Mike Chapman has my support because he respects the people, the law, and our Constitution."
Mike Farris, Chancellor of Patrick Henry College


The Sheriff’s Office yielded over 122 positive results through the implementation of the Step-up law enforcement strategy, implementing goals and enacting strategies. View all of our achievement over the past three years HERE. Here are just a few highlights.

Loudoun residents received improved public safety services through new and stronger community outreach programs such as Child Safety Day, Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) program expansion to middle schools, and the award winning Internet Safety education program. The Sheriff’s Office has reduced the crime rate by 18 percent with a re-focused drug enforcement priority, which includes heroin, and synthetic and prescription drugs. Furthermore, Loudoun citizens will receive enhanced service through a new computer aided dispatch system (CAD/RMS) with dispatchers soon entering into the training phase of the project.

The Loudoun Sheriff’s Office implemented new overtime controls through employing a smart threat matrix to significantly reduce [wasteful overtime draining] SWAT call-outs, all-hands calls, adjusting deputy work schedules to reduce overtime usage, and continuing the successful online reporting of incidents which saved $175,000.

FY 2014 was a year full of accolades for the Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff’s Office personnel received numerous awards including; Virginia Sheriff’s Association Deputy of the Year, Crisis Intervention Deputy of the Year, Friends of Loudoun Mental Health Leadership Award, MADD Excellence in Community Service Award, Virginia DARE Officer of the Year, Region III Director of the National Information Officer’s Association, the Virginia Governor’s Transportation Youth Safety Award in partnership with LCPS for No Texting and Driving Campaign, and the Adult Detention Center received 100% compliance from the Commonwealth of Virginia Board of Corrections for minimum standards for jails and lock-ups.

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