Crime Lowered by 18% in 3 Years!

There has been an 18% reduction in crime over the past 3 years in Loudoun County; a steady drop from January 2012 through December 2014.

The following are the numbers as represented from the Crime Stat Reports delivered to the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors.

In sum, since January 2012 when Sheriff Chapman was sworn in, there has been an 18% drop in the overall crime rate as follows.

LCSO Crime Percentage Drop over 3 years

LCSO Crime Percentage Drop Over 3 Years

This is derived from Part 1 (major crimes) and Part 2 (less-serious crimes) as follows:

No. of Crimes Change YoY Percentage Change YoY
Year Part 1 Part 2 Total Part 1 Part 2 Total Part 1 Part 2 Total
2011 3068 5693 8761
2012 2981 5452 8433 -87 -241 -328 -2.8% -4.2% -3.7%
2013 2976 5051 8027 -5 -401 -406 -0.2% -7.4% -4.8%
2014 2813 4450 7263 -163 -601 -764 -5.5% -11.9% -9.5%

Note: The Annual crime report deliver to BOS calculates Part I incidents by the county as a whole and Part II stats by Station area. When you sum the station area figures they do not match the county as a whole due to different dates the stats were run, allowing more time for reports to make it into the system yielding a higher number of reports.

Further the BOS report displays crime rate percentages by Part I and by Part II crimes independently, but not the COMBINATION of part I and II crimes. To accommodate, we summed the part I and II crimes into one figure then compared it year to year across 2011-2014 to yield a combined and more accurate and understandable crime rate per year.