I am extremely appreciative of the many endorsements I continue to receive. Since my first campaign in 2011 through my first term, the support has been overwhelming and I will continue to serve our county and residents with the highest regard for their safety and security. – Sheriff Mike Chapman

Mike Chapman’s effective leadership has brought law enforcement in Loudoun County into the 21st Century. He is a Sheriff with honesty, integrity and experience who truly understands the needs of his community. I fully support Mike for a second term as Loudoun County’s Sheriff!

Congresswoman Barbara Comstock,

Mike Chapman understands service, sacrifice, and the importance of being part of something bigger than yourself. His proactive leadership as Sheriff has made Loudoun County a safer place. I fully support him for another term.

Lt. Col. Oliver North, Decorated US Marine, Author, Founder, Freedom Alliance,

Our sheriff must respect three things: the law of Virginia, all the people in Loudoun County, and the Constitution of the United States. Mike Chapman has my support because he respects the people, the law, and our Constitution.

Mike Farris, Chancellor of Patrick Henry College,

Mike Chapman and his leadership team understands safety, security and what is best for the protection of Loudoun County citizens. In a world of ever changing threats, our great county deserves a proactive leader with a background that our Sheriff brings to the table. Re-elect Mike for a second term and watch the professionalism of our Sheriff’s office continue to increase and our crime rates continue to shrink.

Ken Falke, US Navy Combat Veteran (Ret, Chief Petty Officer), Counterterrorism Consultant and Philanthropist, Chairman/Founder of Boulder Crest Retreat for Military and Veteran Wellness,

Sheriff Chapman is a proven and effective leader. I personally appreciate the way he reaches out to young people and encourages them to make the right decisions. He has my full support.

Loudoun Grand Master Eung Gil Choi, U.S. Tae Kwon Do Martial Arts Academy

I am pleased to support Sheriff Chapman's reelection campaign. In his first term the Sheriff brought a strong team to the Office and worked diligently to professionalize law enforcement in Loudoun County. Yet, he combines this dedication to and skill in implementing best practices with the respect for the electorate that is so important to our constitutional officer system. Far from a remote technocrat, the Sheriff believes in community policing and in being close to the people of Loudoun. We would do well to give him another term.

Scott M. Hamberger, President, CEO Integrus Holdings, Inc., Vice Chair of the Loudoun County Government Reform Commission

With over 35 years of law enforcement experience, Mike Chapman knows the significance of building coalitions. With his extensive experience in drug law enforcement, Mike understands the importance of bringing together Education, Health Care, Treatment and Law Enforcement professionals to tackle the constantly evolving issues of drugs in our community. His vision, experience and leadership will undoubtedly make Loudoun County a safer community for us all. I fully support Mike for a second term as Loudoun County Sheriff.

Thomas Harrigan, Deputy Administrator (2012-2014), retired United States Drug Enforcement Administration. Loudoun County Resident